ASH GOLF advocates "ONLY THE BEST" and strives to bring the best golf brand to consumers who love golf, and add more style and performance to your wardrobe. We provide a full range of clothing, clubs, and accessories, allowing you to wear the best sports and fashion clothing on the market from head to toe, with a variety of choices to meet various needs.

ASH GOLF is the official Taiwanese official partner of Callaway, DESCENTE GOLF, G/FORE, NIKE GOLF, Peter Millar and other well-known golf brands, providing synchronized global and diversified golf equipment, and will innovate , Forward-looking technology and ideas are brought into Taiwan's golf industry, hoping to take Taiwan's golf market to another peak.

Combine cutting-edge technology, excellent quality and elegant design

Create the best performance and most beautiful putter in the world

Accumulated many years of sportswear production technology and experience

Seamless connection of sports and technology

Making functional sports products with powerful technology

Committed to integrating fashion classics with trendy sports

Introducing a golf-style sportswear and accessories brand that is different from the past

NIKE GOLF believes that the future is in their own hands

Dreams must be created by themselves

Each product uses the highest quality raw materials and fabric innovations

At the same time use the world’s best yarn spinning mills

Handcraft workshops and highly specialized factories< /p>

Lambda Golf 為葡萄牙品牌,採用優質環保材料和創新技術方式,增加了現代科技感、舒適性和靈活性,從而打造出真正獨特的手工高爾夫球鞋。



Callaway has been standing at the forefront of the times, devoting enthusiasm, innovation, creativity and technology to make golf "Demonstrably Superior & Pleasingly Different" and make it easier for all golfers Enjoy the fun of golf, and continue to create the perfect golf map of your dreams with a spirit of positive innovation.

Odyssey Golf’s strong R&D team has long been committed to the development of various high-tech patents, and closely cooperates with these high-tech materials and technologies with professional tour players to develop putters with multiple patented technologies Many international players on the circuit choose Odyssey.

Toulon Design’s mission is to combine cutting-edge technology, excellent quality and elegant design to create the best performance and most beautiful putters in the world.

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DESCENTE comes from Japan. It is a sportswear brand founded in 1935. It is popular internationally with high-performance ice sports, and has repeatedly become the official uniforms of national ski teams such as Switzerland and Canada.

Under the background of more than 80 years of brand history, DESCENTE has many successful examples, especially in the fields of skiing and sportswear.

DESCENTE has accumulated many years of sportswear production technology and experience, seamlessly connecting sports and technology, and creating powerful technological sports products. There are also excellent product lines in golf, comprehensive sports training, Lifestyle and outdoor sports apparel, creating a new definition for the entire sports industry.

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G/FORE, a high-end fashion brand under the Swiss Richemont Group, was created by fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli. G/FORE originated from the United States. Accessories brand.

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Nike not only maintains a consistent high-quality brand image, but also extends sports products. Products that improve sports performance allow athletes to maximize their abilities. NIKE GOLF believes that the future is in their own hands, and dreams must be created by themselves. Adhering to the brand spirit of motivation, innovation, reinforcement and care, NIKE GOLF will continue to take the lead and stand firm and unshakable as the king, just as Tiger Woods said: "As long as we believe, the victory will be dominated by me."

Nike Golf has the most top-rated players under contract, including Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy, Jason Day, Michelle Wie, Brooks Koepka, etc. In 2018, it has dominated the four major golf tournaments. The four majors are all held by Nike Golf. The star won the championship.

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Peter Millar

Swiss Richemont Group's brand, dedicated to luxury, elegance and excellent craftsmanship, from performance sportswear, seasonal holiday clothing, exquisite tailoring to accessories, etc., it provides a full range of American high-end fashion quality life.

Peter Millar was founded in 2001 with only one cashmere sweater. Through the initial clothing, it embodies the spirit, luxury, elegance and dedication to excellent craftsmanship. Today, the brand has grown to include luxury sportswear, seasonal holiday clothing, refined tailored clothing and clothing accessories.

Each product uses the highest quality raw materials and fabric innovation, and at the same time utilizes the world’s best yarn spinning mills, handicraft workshops and highly specialized factories.

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Lambda Golf

Lambda Golf 於 2009 年在西歐葡萄牙成立,旨在打造全球奢華優質高爾夫服飾品牌,包含由技術工程開發的創新突破性技術。 LAMBDA的創新專利技術造就了手工製作的葡萄牙經典高爾夫球鞋,其設計和構造為高爾夫球友提供了堅固的支架,步行時它透氣性非常強,同時保持靈活、輕便。高爾夫球鞋中使用的專利手工鞋底和鞋跟結構具有雙層鑲嵌,巧妙地吸收鞋跟和鞋底力量,減少對膝蓋、臀部和背部的衝擊。

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PAYNTR GOLF 總部位於俄勒岡州 波特蘭,專為提高高爾夫球手表現,設計和行銷高爾夫球鞋和相關配件。 PAYNTR GOLF 由三位長期鑽研運動機能鞋類專家 David Paynter、Mike Forsey 和 Michael Glancy 創立,遵循<性能倍增>的原則,透過採用對比元素並將它們相乘來進行創新。


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